Waste Disposal

The Waste Disposal Division of the Building & Community Services Department serves as the liaison between residents/ businesses and the City’s contracted waste disposal company Waste Connections. 

Waste Connections
Phone:  972-937-8836
Email: customerservice5182@wcnx.org    
Website: https://www.wasteconnections.com/waxahachie

Waste Connections provides waste disposal for residential and commercial locations throughout Waxahachie.  Services include trash service, dumpsters, compacters, permanent roll-off, and temporary roll-off.  Service for residential locations is established when a water bill account is set up with the City.  Commercial locations will need to contact Waste Connections directly to set up an account.

Items Not To Be Placed In Residential Trash:

  • Batteries
  • Oil, Grease, and Other Lubricants
  • Liquid Paints
  • Chemicals & Pesticides
  • Tires
  • Appliances (e.g.: refrigerators, air conditioners, microwaves, toasters, etc.)


City Waste Programs

Residential Curbside Recycling Program

Citizens are able to recycle glass, plastic, paper, tin and aluminum through the program. Recycling bins are emptied curbside once a week, depending on your scheduled garbage pickup day.

Guidelines for Curbside Recycling Program

  • Newspapers & Magazines: Place all newspapers & magazines in the recycling bin provided. Magazine and Newspaper slicks are acceptable. No books or envelopes may be recycled. Any paper that is wet, or has been wet will not be recycled, but thrown away.
  • Plastics: Rinse out all plastic bottles such as milk jugs and soda bottles. Other bottles with a #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, & #7 stamped on the bottle will also be collected. Please remove any caps or lids. Flatten the bottles as much as possible. No bottles still containing liquid will be accepted. Other plastics that are acceptable include margarine tubs, frozen meal containers, plastic buckets, etc. Rule of thumb: if the lid screws on, it is considered a bottle for recycling.
  • Cans: Rinsed aluminum and tin cans are acceptable. Flatten if possible. No aerosol cans, paint cans, foil, pie tins, or aluminum siding will be accepted.
  • Glass: Glass bottles and jars of all colors will be accepted. Drain completely and remove all caps and lids. Labels can remain on the bottles and jars. No light bulbs, drinking glasses, window glass, mirrors, auto glass, tempered glass, ceramics, or other nonfood or non-beverage containers are accepted.
    Office Paper: All office paper is acceptable including computer paper and printer paper. No file folders will be accepted. Any paper that is wet or has been wet will not be recycled, but thrown away.

Citizens Convenience Station
The Citizens Convenience Station, located at 499 Lions Park Road near the Wastewater Treatment Plant, is a facility for citizens that live within the city limits to dispose of bulky items. These items may include household bulky items, lawn and landscape garbage, and brush and tree limbs.

The Citizens Convenience Station is open Monday through Saturday, from 8am-4pm. Citizens using the facility must bring proof of residency (water bill). For additional questions regarding the Citizens Convenience, please call 469-309-4271.

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