GIS and Mapping Services

A Geographic Information System (GIS) lets us visualize, question, analyze, and interpret data to understand relationships, patterns, and trends. The Planning Department’s GIS service supports the community by providing geographic data, mapping products, and other online services.
GIS information is available to the public through the following links and interactive applications:
Interactive Maps
Land Use Camparison Map Planning & Zoning Map Thumbnail-Eco-Dev-Map2
Land Use
Comparison Map
Planning & Zoning Map Economic Development

Thumbnail-Current Zoning Cases125 Thumbnail-City Logo Thumbnail-WFR
Current Zoning Cases
City of Waxahachie Map
Fire District Map  

Printable Maps 
Thumbnail-Existing Land Use Map125 Thumbnail-Existing Land Use Map all125 Thumbnail-Existing Land Use Map all125
CCN Boundary Map 
Existing Land Use Map 
Existing Land Use (City Core) Map 
Thumbnail-Historic Resource Map125 Thumbnail-Future Land Use Plan All 125 Thumbnail-Future Land Use Plan City Core 125
Historic Resources Map
Future Land Use Map
Future Land Use(City Core) Map
Thumbnail-Growth Opportunities 125 Thumbnail-Physical-Features-Map-125 Thumbnail-School-District-Boundary-Map-125
Growth Opportunities Map
Physical Features Map
School District Boundary Map
Thumbnail-Thoroughfare Plan 125 Thumbnail-Thoroughfare-Plan-City-Core-125 Thumbnail-TXDOT-Roadway-Traffic-Count-Map-125
Thoroughfare Map  Thoroughfare(City Core) Map  TXDOT Roadway Traffic Count Map