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Planning is a dynamic profession that works to improve the welfare of people and their communities by creating more efficient, convenient, equitable, healthful, and attractive places for present and future generations. In order to create this sense of place, the Planning Department provides residents and developers with a one-stop destination for all key functions related to the initial development review process.
Please utilize this webpage to learn more about Waxahachie’s growth and development. Some of the features on this page include:
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The “Downtown Neighborhood” is a proposed zoning district which surrounds the Central Area and provides for a mix of uses consisting of residential, retail and commercial.  The concept is an outgrowth of the Waxahachie Partnership Incorporated which is tasked with partial stewardship of the downtown area.  For more information about Waxahachie Partnership Incorporated, please visit:

The documents below reflect progress to date establishing guidelines and uses for the proposed “Downtown Neighborhood” zoning district.  For questions concerning any of these documents, or for the process concerning zoning changes, please email

Frequently Asked Questions - What is the proposal?
Ordinance - DRAFT
Use Chart - DRAFT
Map of proposed DN zoning district
Map of current versus proposed zoning for DN district

Shon Brooks, AICP Director of Planning
Colby Collins Senior Planner
Chris Webb Planner
Destiny Wright Planning Technician
Manjul Shrestha GIS Analyst
Zack King GIS Technician

City of Waxahachie, Planning Department
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